Alumni home page

This is a developing web site aimed at Alumni of the Department of Geology at the University of Bristol, as it was called until 1992, and the School of Earth Sciences, as it was called after 1992.

This month, we launch our first crowdfunding appeal, to raise some money to help widening participation students purchase appropriate field gear: click here.

We plan to develop a number of programmes for our alumni, some perhaps of greatest interest to those who graduated some decades ago, and others for our recent graduands. ideas include:

  1. Regular contact through our monthly newsletter; alumni can opt in to receive this.
  2. Events, both in person and through Zoom, such as discussions, lectures and field trips.
  3. Development of a resource for documentation of life in the Department/ School through the decades, including photographs, especially from field trips, documents, and historical summaries and reminiscences.
  4. Engagement with recent alumni who can give careers talks to current students, both to show them what the different careers are like, and to assist recruitment.
  5. Discussion of development plans where we seek alumni input into plans to help current generations of students.